January 24, 2018


Below are selected resources, taken from those listed in The Crane Dance. As JourneyCake Spirit evolves, this section of the site will expand and become a place for sharing useful materials.

quote from Liz LermanExpressive Arts

  • Cameron, Julia with Bryan, M. 1992. The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity. New York: Tarcher/Putnam.
  • Hart, Mickey with Stevens, J. 1990. Drumming at the Edge of Magic: A Journey into the Spirit of Percussion. San Francisco: Harper/SanFrancisco.
  • Humphrey, Doris. 1959, 1987. The Art of Making Dances. Princeton, NJ: A Dance Horizons Book/Princeton Book Company.

Mind-Body Medicaine and Meditation

  • Goleman, Daniel and Gurin, J., Eds. 1993. Mind Body Medicine: How to Use Your Mind for Better Health. Yonkers, NY: Consumer Report Books/Consumers Union.
  • Hanh, Thich Nhat. 1993. The Blooming of a Lotus: Guided Meditation Exercises for Healing and Transformation. Boston: Beacon Press.
  • Kabat-Zinn, Jon. 1990. Full Catastrophe Living: Using the Wisdom of Your Body and Mind to Face Stress, Pain, and Illness. New York: Dell Publishing.
  • Moyers, Bill. 1993. Healing and the Mind. New York: Doubleday.
  • Williams, Mark et al. 2007. The Mindful Way through Depression: Freeing Yourself from Chronic Unhappiness. New York: The Guilford Press.

quote from RumiMental Health, Depression 

  • Bradshaw, John. 1988. The Family: A Revolutionary Way of Self-Discovery. Deerfield Beach, FL: Health Communications Inc.
  • Cronkite, Kathy. 1994. On the Edge of Darkness: Conversations about Conquering Depression. New York: Doubleday.
  • Kramer, Peter D.1993. Listening to Prozac. New York: Penguin Books.
  • Miller, Alice. 1981. The Drama of the Gifted Child. New York: Basic Books; HarperPerennial (1997 edition).
  • O’Connor, Richard. 1997. Undoing Depression: What Therapy Doesn’t Teach You and Medication Can’t Give You. Boston: Little, Brown and Company.
  • Real, Terrence. I Don’t Want to Talk About It: Overcoming the Secret Legacy of Male Depression. 1997. New York: Fireside.
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  • Solomon, Andrew. 2002. The Noonday Demon: An Atlas of Depression. New York: Simon & Schuster, Inc.
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quote from Michael MeadeMen’s Movement

  • Bly, Robert. 1990. Iron John: A Book about Men. Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, Inc.
  • Meade, Michael. 1993. Men and the Water of Life: Initiation and the Tempering of Men. San Francisco: Harper/SanFrancisco.

Novels and Poetry

  • Forster, E.M. 1924. A Passage to India. New York: Harcourt, Brace, & World, Inc.
  • Godwin, Gail. 1991. Father Melancholy’s Daughter. New York: William Morrow and Company, Inc.
  • Matthiessen Peter. 1978. The Snow Leopard: The Astonishing Spiritual Odyssey of a Man in Search of Himself. New York: Viking Penguin.
  • Oliver, Mary. 1992. New and Selected Poems. Boston: Beacon Press.
  • Proulx, E. Annie. The Shipping News. 1993. New York: Touchtone/Simon & Schuster.
  • Warren, Robert Penn. 1946. All the King’s Men. Harcourt, Brace, & Jovanovich, Inc.